Please hold life lightly

                                                                                                    White-knuckled ride is over

                                                                                                         We can breathe again.

                                                                                                        photo by Jobie

Nature Spoof, a Limerick

Hail dancing on roof ?

I went to get some proof -

Kernels of corn?!!

Popcorn was born

within this nature spoof!

Wrapped Gift

           Only the Giver knows the

          inside story; stay

          calm, willing to be surprised.

Water Currents …

     … spring from within me.

      I've stopped carrying earthen

     jars atop my head.

Where is ...

my watch?

my hair clip?

my life direction?

     not in it’s case ...

     not in the drawer ...

     not in my head ...

          ... What to do?

          Well, I’ll just keep on livin’ -

          Without ‘em.


                    under the table ...

                    I find my clip!

                              Pullin’ on my walkin’ pants ...

                              what’s this clump in the pocket?

                              It’s my watch!

                                        Treading the earth

                                        step by step, my heart is in order.

                                        Wow - I’ve found my way!

Find Home ...

to be your journey

not in a house by the side of the road.

                                                                 "The Girl I Left Behind Me" by Eastman Johnson