Dancin’ Queen

Like a lightning streak turned puppy, Little Queen

bounds into the mountainous cool creek water

dances her tail off, twirls under the sun floodlight -

as if she’s doin’ smooth moves for the DJ

whose eye she hopes to catch one day!

Today, the creek’s her Dancin’ partner.

She flings water up, delights in its fall!

Little Queen freezes in the shape of a bridge.

She pictures she’s part of a Monet painting -

winks at imagined pastel lavender water lilies.

The late afternoon wind makes goosebumps

ripple from forehead to ankles. She transforms

  back into a singing and dancing queen. Her arms

thrust up as she twirls. She zooms her hands down,

wraps them around her waist. As she bows deeply,

she sees the picnic table is empty! “Hey!

Did you leave without me?” Little Queen

bolts to the parking lot. Grandmama

is by their station wagon - about to get in!

She runs wildly and shouts, “Grandmama!

Let’s make dessert when we get home! 

My DJ would love some!” Before the wagon

winds into an arbor of pine trees, the windows

roll down. We hear “Dancin’ Queen…”

She’s ready for the next stop on her singing tour!

by Jobie Townshend-Zellner

copyright 2023

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