29 Jan

Welcome to my socially themed poetry blog.   From time to time I will post a poem.  Hope you enjoy reading them! 

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Echoes Between Us

The Internet’s not the only echo chamber.

If I only say what lands well in your comfort zone

I’ll be zoning out of my truthful timbre.

Yet, being callous to you

I’d ruin our whole relation!

Let’s have the give and take of conversation.

Let’s have a face to face, with open humane hearts

not screen to screen, filtering out our feeling.

Let’s exchange eye glances and vocal tone.

Then we’ll both be in a thoughtful zone.

If tempers flare and faces turn red

let’s agree to appeal to the Great Soul overhead.

Let’s be willing to explore

new options we’ve never considered before.

Then when we part …

The peace of civility will rest on our hearts.

We’ll have left in the dust hate

And feel hopeful about our next tete-a-tete.

by Jobie Townshend-Zellner

copyright 2023